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69 Point Cleaning Checklist

Ensuring a comprehensive and customized total cleaning experience

twin cities home cleaning

    General Living Spaces

  1. Dusting - floor to ceiling
  2. Blinds dusted
  3. Furniture vacuumed and straightened (yes, we do under cushions)
  4. Vacuum all carpet (additional carpet steam cleaning services are available***)
  5. Picture frames / other items dusted, glass cleaned
  6. Hardwood and tile floors mopped and sanitized
  7. Air vents dusted (full duct cleaning available***)
  8. Tile and Grout cleaned (industrial tile & grout service also available***)
  9. All tables cleaned, dusted polished
  10. All glass cleaned
  11. Pillows and Upholstery arranged and fluffed (steam upholstery cleaning available***)
  12. Lamps and Lamp shades wiped and dusted
  13. Wash / Vacuum stairs
  14. Wipe window sills
  15. Valances dusted/vacuumed
  16. Woodwork, doorframes and switch plates wiped down
  17. Baseboards wiped down/dusted
  18. Fan blades wiped down/dusted
  19. General straightening of items


  20. Mirrors cleaned
  21. Trash container(s) emptied and cleaned
  22. Vanity top cleaned and sanitized
  23. Tub / Shower cleaned and shined
  24. Sink thoroughly cleaned and sanitized
  25. Sink drain cleared
  26. Toilets cleaned and sanitized inside and out
  27. Vacuum rugs
  28. Exhaust fan wiped down/dusted
  29. All glass left spot-free clean
  30. Wash floors
  31. Dust, spider web free from floor to ceiling
  32. Tub / Shower drain cleared
  33. Wipe cabinet fronts
  34. Wipe all window sills
  35. Baseboards wiped down/dusted
  36. Valances dusted/vacuumed
  37. Door frames, woodwork and switch plates wiped down
    twin cities maid service


  38. Trash emptied & container cleaned
  39. Detailed washing / dusting of all chairs / stools / benches
  40. Small appliances cleaned and detailed
  41. Countertops scrubbed, and sanitized (under appliances as well)
  42. Sinks cleaned and sanitized
  43. Cabinet fronts washed / dusted
  44. Detailed vacuuming (and we focus on corners and tough to reach places)
  45. Large appliances wiped down
  46. All glass cleaned
  47. Faucet cleaned and polished
  48. Back-splashes scrubbed and sanitized
  49. Window sills wiped down
  50. Blinds dusted
  51. Valances dusted/vacuumed
  52. Microwave wiped inside and out
  53. Baseboards wiped down
  54. Floors washed and dried
  55. Door frames, woodwork and switch plates wiped down
  56. Bedrooms

  57. Detailed floor to ceiling dusting
  58. All carpets vacuumed
  59. Picture frames, and knick knacks dusted
  60. Blinds dusted
  61. Valances dusted/vacuumed
  62. Fan blades wiped down
  63. Door frames, woodwork and switch plates wiped down
  64. Trash emptied, container left clean
  65. All glass polished and spot free
  66. Desks/Dressers dusted and vacuumed under
  67. Mirrors cleaned
  68. Baseboards dusted / shined
  69. Lamps and lamp shades wiped and dusted
  70. Wipe all window sills

***Additional services available at additional cost and separate appointment (we do not bring our commercial cleaning trucks for house cleaning jobs)

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